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Cute World Craft

Create your own 3D world, generate landscapes, build doll houses, castles, cities, make game levels using build-in gameobjects and share it or just try to survive in Cute World Craft and win a fight with the Shadow Monster.

Play Cute World Craft

Play 3D Blocks Game Cute World Craft
Animate Space: Animate Online!

Animate Online!

Animate.Space is online animation maker where you can do cartoons yourself! Create cartoons and save it as animated GIF or post it to our animations gallery.

Animate online

Build with Cubes 2

Here is a new version of our Voxel Editor! Build with Cubes 2 it is a Voxel Sandbox where you can easily build voxel/block models for Minecraft and save it as .schematic file.

Build with Cubes 2

Build with Cubes 2: 3D voxel/block game

... Other Projects and Interesting Stuff

Minecraft Schematics

Download .schematic files for Minecraft

Valentine's Coloring Book

Color 15 zentangle and simple Valentine's Day pages using fill bucket, pencil, eraser, etc.

Protect The Santa Game

Follow the Santa and protect him from a nasty snowmen. Funny shooter with a VIP and Free Play modes.

Color and Dress Up

Choose clothes and paint it with a hundreds of colours.

Tim's Workshop: Cars

Puzzle for kids - drag and drop car parts to assemble a cool cars.

2023 ...Still Play Flash Games

Download FlashPlay to play good old flash games ...even in 2023!

Sound Recorder/Cutter

Record any audio backgrounds, cut recorded sound on fly and save audio file as *.wav

Cheese: Easy Screenshots

Capture a screen or part of it, save as file, copy to clipboard and take multiple screenshots.

Easy Pixel Editor

Change your images with few clicks!

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